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NEW MEMBER: Finca La Paila

NEW MEMBER: Finca La Paila

We are very pleased to announce that Finca La Paila has become a member of Holland House. Elmer Torres, co-owner of La Paila said  “we are very interested in exporting our biofertilizer to the Netherlands and we are confident that our membership will result in finding the right partners in Holland to make our vision a reality”.

Finca La Paila is a company that for more than 20 years has been dedicated to the preservation of the ecosystem through the conservation of natural forest, which serves as a refuge and sustenance for a great variety of fauna species, including varieties of monkeys, frogs and limpets.
One of the main objectives of the company is the use and promotion of 100% eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural production systems, so it has naturally produced crops such as cacao, peach palm and citrus, among others.

Fertilizer Biofertilizer:
Being consistent with our goals, we use and trade Fertilizer 100% natural Biofertilizer in our soils and crops, which has a natural chemical composition rich in primary and secondary elements such as nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, as well as beneficial microorganisms that promote fertility and good structure in soils, among many other benefits, compatible with organic agricultural production for use as a crop fertilizer.
It is used with excellent results in tubers, coffee, Musaceae, plants, flowers and foliage, pastures, grass, fruit trees, to mention just a few. Biofertilizer is not toxic to humans or phytotoxic to plants.


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