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About us


Holland House Costa Rica is the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica. We intend to be the main portal and platform for Dutch companies doing business in Costa Rica and Costa Rican companies doing business in The Netherlands or importing Dutch products. Our aim is to help our members grow their business by means of networking events of high quality, matchmaking, tailor made services and consultancy. We are a formally established, independent non-profit association under Costa Rican law and have a board of 10 experienced Dutch entrepreneurs in Costa Rica. We started our operations with 2 Executive Directors in January 2018: Veronica Hunt and Stephan Julsing. We are well-connected in Costa Rica in many sectors and work closely with the Dutch Embassy in San José.

Founding Board Members

Hermen Van Der Plaats

President And Founding Board Member

Arno Van Der Maden

Founding Board Member

Myrtille Danse

Founding Board Member

Marije Van Lidth De Jeude

Founding Board Member

Folkert Hoekstra

Founding Board Member

Willem Pothof

Founding Board Member

Mitch Winters

Founding Board Member

Pieter Hoornstra

Founding Board Member

Mario Kroon

Founding Board Member

Loek Van Mook

Founding Board Member

Kasper Vendel

Founding Board Member

Executive Directors

Stephan Julsing

Executive Director

Susan Hoekstra

Executive Director

María Mesén

Executive Director


Corporate Social Responsibility

Chairman: Myrtille Danse ([email protected])

Members: Marije van Lidt de Jeude, Karen Tat (Acesolar), Lyndsey Wheeler (TMF), Cinthya Meson (TMF), Esteban Altamarino (KLM), Enrique Gonzáles (UTN), Bart Goossens (RANewables), Marina Rodriguez (Unilever)

Mandate: Sharing best practices, organizing events on CSR, Guiding consultancy projects

Infrastructure and Logistics

Chairman: Stephan Julsing ([email protected])

Members (tbc): Kenneth Waugh (APM terminals), Pieter Hartog (Seatrade), Ericka Ruiz (CINDE)

Mandate: Trade mission from Holland to Costa Rica; event infrastructure in cooperation with Cinde; cooperation with private and public sector

Importing and Exporting CR-NL

Chairman: Susan Hoekstra ([email protected])

Members: Hermen van der Plaats, Arno van der Maden, Folkert Hoekstra, Alvaro Alpizar (RexAmerica), Robert van der Putten (Sfera Legal)

Mandate: event in cooperation with Cadexco, Best practice guidelines booklet, guidance consultancy projects


Chairman: Willem Pothof ([email protected])

Members: Holland Hotels, KLM, BCD Travel

Mandate: Events to promote CR vacation destination